Launch of a photo contest for Griesser Partners

Launch of a photo contest for Griesser Partners in Italy, Spain and France to celebrate the most inspiring projects, and 140 years of Griesser.

Without inspiration, we’d all be butting our heads up against the same challenges day after day. Inspiration gives us the means and the motivation to be creative, grow closer to our goals and learn from others.

Photos of outstanding projects allow architects to spark new ideas and get inspiration for future projects. It also allows end users to project themselves on how solar shading solutions can be integrated into a future home.

To celebrate the 140 years of the brand, as well as outstanding projects equipped with Griesser solutions, Griesser invites Partners in France, Italy and Spain to send photos of new projects or rehabilitation works that they are particularly proud of via our registration form. The contest is organised in 4 categories according to our different product families. Each category can win an amazing prize, compensations along the way and a professional photo shooting. The contest is composed of 2 phases and runs until November 2022. If you would like to know more, please consult:

Why participate?

In the mood to discover the stunning city of Lisbon or to enjoy a VIP sporting event? Or maybe you always wanted to obtain fantastic professional photos of your favourite project?

Join in! The 4 winners of our contest can choose an outstanding prize of up to € 2.000, such as a weekend in Lisbon for two people in a 4-star hotel, including a dinner in the emblematic MAAT museum, or a VIP sporting event for 2 people, or elements for the showroom to demonstrate the performance of Griesser products to the customer.

Furthermore, 20 projects will get a professional photoshooting with the option to obtain the photos afterwards. These projects will also receive a compensation along the way, such as a gourmet fruit box or marketing tools.

How does it work?

During the 1st phase, ending on June 15th, participants shall send at least 4 photos of each project - 2 of the outside and 2 of the inside - via a registration form. Photos can be taken by a mobile phone or any other device and shall not contain any indication of the owner, or any distinguishing or watermarks, so that they can be presented anonymously. The photos shall contain Griesser products purchased between 2018 and 2022, and naturally the owner and the architect and the owner shall have approved the taking of the pictures.

Between June 16th and 30th, an internal jury will preselect 20 projects to continue on to the 2nd phase of the contest, which will comprise a professional photo shooting.

Griesser will take care of obtaining the necessary autorisations concerning image rights from the owner and the architect. These projects will also receive a compensation such as an organic fruit basket or other marketing material worth € 50.

During the 2nd phase, from August until the end of October 2022, the photo shootings will take place with a photographer commissioned by Griesser. Of course, we are happy to share the results of the shooting with the owners after the contest.

In November, an international jury will select the 4 winners – 1 winner in each product category. The winners can choose among different prizes with a value of up to € 2.000, such as a weekend in Lisbon for 2 people inc. dinner at the emblematic MAAT museum or a VIP sporting event, or elements for the showroom.

How will the photos be selected?

After the 1st phase, our internal jury will look at the overall aesthetics of the project, the valorisation of the project and the type of building. At this stage, photos can be taken by any kind of device. After the 2nd phase, with the photos taken by the photographer, our international jury will also consider factors such as the integration of the product and visual comfort / performance.

What kinds of projects can participate?

We are happy to receive photos from a wide variety of buildings, from uni- or multifamily houses and villas, to commercial buildings or even constructions from the public sector. The project can either be a new construction or a rehabilitation project with a Griesser product purchased between 2018 and 2022. For further details, you can check our conditions of participation here: 220413_Flyer_legal_FR.pdf

Participants can partake in one or several categories. For those that are particularly motivated, it is even possible to present several projects in the same category. We ask participants to send in one form per project.

Are you tempted? You can send your photos through this registration form. If you would like to know more, don’t hesitate to take a look at: