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myclimate energy and climate workshop - Griesser at the award ceremony

Young people plan environmentally friendly projects and are committed to the future - that's what we support!

As a partner of myclimate's "Energy and Climate Laboratory", Griesser AG supports today's youth in the energy and climate workshop: An educational competition for stundets and trainees who plan and implement concrete innovative projects on climate protection and energy efficiency. The aim is to develop projects and products that promote a reduction of CO2, increase energy efficiency or encourage the public to take measures in everyday life to combat climate change.

The best ideas were awarded on 7 June in Zurich. Among the winners were projects in different categories, such as innovation or planning. Also present: Andrea Grisolia, Marketing Manager of Griesser AG.

Thanks to such partnerships, the creativity and commitment of young people can be combined with environmental, energy and climate knowledge.


Griesser & myclimate

Griesser has been a partner of myclimate since February 2008 and has already been able to offset around CHF 1,035,607 in the collection pot or 25,890 tonnes of Co2.


Photo:Urs Matter, Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil (HSR)


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