New : 3D Notice

The new tool developed by Griesser for its partners

Griesser has always focused on improving its services and customer satisfaction. Today, the entire Griesser team is proud to announce our new digital tool: 3D Notice.

The aim of the notice is to make it easier for customers to install Griesser products*, thanks to an intuitive 3-D experience. The service offers precise guidance at every stage of the assembly process and can be accessed at any time on the myGriesser professional platform or by scanning the QR code on sales documents (quotes and orders).

In addition, this digital format allows real-time updates, including all product modifications and improvements. Users have the opportunity to write comments, enabling Griesser to continue working on improving its product and service offerings.

This tool offers a range of useful features during assembling Griesser products.

Users can view a precise 3D simulation of the assembly process step by step. They can zoom in and out to see all the parts and useful details that make up the product. Between each step, controls will allow to mark out the assembly but also to avoid possible mistakes.

* This new feature is for the moment reserved for the Solozip® Box 100 and its after-sales service sheets.

It will gradually be extended to all Griesser products.