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New acrylic fabric collection Cuba

Let's go Cuba - Griesser launches new fabric collection at the beginning of the year

Fabrics for awnings do not only offer optimum protection against light and heat, but also improve the appearance of windows, balconies and patios.

Our new acrylic fabric collection Cuba replaces the previous City Collection with immediate effect. Whether the Gran Teatro, Cuban coffee or the sea - Cuba's culture and landscape serve as inspiration. The result is a collection with four color schemes:

  • Gran Teatro: The colors white, grey and black are devoted to the popular opera house in Havana.
  • Coffee: Coffee belongs to Cuba like sun protection to Griesser. This colour scheme includes the color tones brown and beige in various nuances.
  • Cars: Who doesn't know them, the coloured oldtimers? Colors such as yellow and red complement our color palette.
  • Sea: Saturated green shades and intensive blue tones are dedicated to the vibrant colourfulness of the sea and give this color scheme a final polish.


Acrylic technology:

Griesser acrylic fabrics have been in use for generations. They convince with their extraordinary durability and long-lasting color brilliance. The basic acrylic material consists of many small fibers, which become entangled with each other to create a wadded source material.


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