[WEBINAR] - 3 good reasons to choose a wood-fibre insulated shutter.

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Griesser invites you to watch an exciting webinar on the topic of "3 good reasons to choose a wood fiber insulated shutter."

As global warming takes its toll, it's becoming increasingly difficult to maintain ideal thermal comfort inside our homes. Heating, air conditioning, lighting - these are all appliances that consume large amounts of energy. In this quest to improve your well-being in both summer and winter, solar protection and closing solutions are becoming increasingly important. With this in mind, we present the insulated wood-fiber shutter, a high-performance, insulating solution made from a bio-sourced material.

What you'll discover during this webinar:

  • An in-depth exploration of wood-fiber insulated swing shutters, highlighting their considerable advantages in terms of high-performance, environmentally-friendly insulation.
  • Cutting-edge information on how bio-sourced materials can not only contribute to your indoor comfort, but also reduce your ecological footprint.

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