Griesser solar shading meets university’s particular needs, Smart Campus

Some 155 of Griesser’s Metalunic® Sinus external venetian blinds have been installed at a university in Romania under a campus refurbishment program. The blinds help ensure a pleasant working, learning and studying environment within for staff and students alike.

When the University of Oradea in Romania totally refurbished its campus in 2021/2022, it was to Griesser’s external venetian blinds that it turned for its solar shading needs. A total of 155 blinds of the Metalunic® Sinus model were installed.

For an optimum visual fit into the university’s ‘smart campus’, the color selected for the new blinds was the warm RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey. The darkest of the Griesser grays available, it doesn’t just perfectly suit its buildings: it helps provide good natural light for the rooms within. To minimize any aural distraction through the blinds’ operation, a soft-closing motor was also installed that helps create a pleasant sonic ambience in the library and beyond.

The University of Oradea was founded in 1780 as a philosophy school. The campus has been steadily expanded over the intervening years, and the institution was awarded university status in 1990. The campus of today is a place of work and study for some 2 000 staff, and can accommodate up to 19 000 students.



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Oradea, Romania

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