Smart Home
The intelligent key to a healthy and sustainable home.

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Smartly connected. The living of tomorrow.

If you’re seeking a flexible and forward-looking home system, you should really consider an all-in radio-controlled solution. Smart connected home systems don’t just offer automated solar shading: they can be extended to your windows, doors, lighting and security sensors and your heating, too.

Create your own personal smart home and adjust it continually to your preferences and habits.


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Daylight management

Visual comfort, refined design and smart light direction.

With our SmartHome technology, you can set and automatically regulate the natural light that is so essential to our powers of concentration and our general well-being so precisely that you’ll always maintain a harmonious ambience within your home which is calm and appealing to the eye.

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Energy savings

Thermal comfort through a perfect indoor climate with high energy efficiency.

Your rooms will be kept ideally warm or cool, while simultaneously reducing your heat-ing and cooling needs. Griesser’s smart management will save you valuable energy and can lower your energy consumption by up to 40 percent compared to air-conditioned premises* – which is good news for both your budget and the environment.

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Personal privacy

Protective comfort through sight protection for greater personal privacy.

Griesser solar shading solutions go far beyond the usual protection from the sun and the weather to provide genuinely cozy protection. They’ll enhance your privacy; and they’ll improve your security, by deterring any would-be intruder.

Start today to make your home of tomorrow.
With Griesser SmartHome.

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*Studies into smart homes: The latest studies and research findings here will be found at: